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Join us for the exclusive launch of Vriens & Partners' latest report: Healthcare Government Affairs in Southeast Asia – Political Dynamics and Policy Drivers in the ASEAN Healthcare Landscape.

Southeast Asia's booming healthcare sector presents many opportunities for companies, thanks to the region's growing population, affluence and healthcare needs, and dynamic economies. Governments around the region have made healthcare provision a key political issue, and are committed to expanding healthcare access and improving quality. However, politicians and policymakers alike struggle to expand universal healthcare while ensuring adequate financing, and simultaneously juggle political pressures around the sector. In some countries, public healthcare provision is further burdened by complex or even broken healthcare systems and institutions, and weak bureaucratic or implementation capacity. To become part of the growth story in Southeast Asia, companies need to understand and navigate local political and policy environments. Healthcare, in particular, is fundamentally political – shaped by stakeholders within and around government, and throughout the ecosystem of healthcare policy and delivery – and successful healthcare companies work to establish trust, identify areas of shared interest, and partner with governments and public institutions to address these challenges.

Join us to hear from Vriens & Partners' Country Directors, and APACMed's Member Country Leaders to discuss key issues and trends, and strategic recommendations for healthcare companies to expand their activities across seven Southeast Asian countries.

Jan 28, 2021

10:00 AM - 11:30 AM (GMT+8)


  • Hans Vriens (Managing Partner at Vriens & Partners)

    Hans Vriens

    Managing Partner at Vriens & Partners

  • Leonard Lim (Country Director of Vriens & Partners, Singapore)

    Leonard Lim

    Country Director of Vriens & Partners, Singapore

  • Lauren Farrow (Country Director of Vriens & Partners, Indonesia)

    Lauren Farrow

    Country Director of Vriens & Partners, Indonesia

  • Samuel Pursch (Director of Vriens & Partners, Vietnam)

    Samuel Pursch

    Director of Vriens & Partners, Vietnam

  • Elaine Marie Collado (Country Director of Vriens & Partners, Philippines)

    Elaine Marie Collado

    Country Director of Vriens & Partners, Philippines

  • Nazhif Yusoff (Country Director of Vriens & Partners, Malaysia)

    Nazhif Yusoff

    Country Director of Vriens & Partners, Malaysia

  • Isra Sunthornvut (Country Director of Vriens & Partners, Thailand)

    Isra Sunthornvut

    Country Director of Vriens & Partners, Thailand

  • Jeremy Mullins (Country Director of Vriens & Partners, Myanmar)

    Jeremy Mullins

    Country Director of Vriens & Partners, Myanmar

  • Guy Jaeckel (General Manager at Baxter, Indonesia)

    Guy Jaeckel

    General Manager at Baxter, Indonesia

  • Torben Minko (Managing Director of B.Braun, Vietnam)

    Torben Minko

    Managing Director of B.Braun, Vietnam

  • Philippe Pedeboscq (Managing Director/General Manager of Siemens Healthineers, Thailand)

    Philippe Pedeboscq

    Managing Director/General Manager of Siemens Healthineers, Thailand

  • Lih Chyun Yeong (Managing Director of B Braun, Philippines)

    Lih Chyun Yeong

    Managing Director of B Braun, Philippines